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10 tips for better wedding photographs from me, a wedding photographer! by Camera & Kit

Here are some tips from me (a wedding photographer) to you about how you can make your wedding photos better on your wedding day ...

1) Empty your pockets, no one likes to see an untimely phone or wallet shaped bulge in wedding photos

2) Don't worry about smiling, it's your wedding day! You'll be smiling and a great photographer will make you laugh to capture that natural smile rather than snapping commands at you to smile.

3) Don't like the idea of an engagement shoot, then don't get one, a brilliant photographer will put you at ease within seconds so no need to pre-arrange a shoot, after all an engagement shoot and a wedding shoot are two entirely different shoots. Think engagement shoots are silly, then don't have one.

4) Be realistic about how many formal group shots you want as these can eat into your party time.

5) Shake things up a bit, change the expected order of things, have couples shots at different times than what's expected, pick a photographer who does not spend hours dragging you away from YOUR party.

6) Don't starve yourself, you are perfect the way that you are! If people say that you look fat in your photographs then you don't need a better photographer, you need better friends. Be kind to yourself. Love yourself.

7) Trust your wedding photographer, we got this! No need panic, that's why you hire a professional.

8) Relax, hiring a photographer who styles you love and you'll not even realise that you are being photographed.

9) Really have a good old think about the style of photos that you want, if you are not sure of language or terminology jus ask, you should feel comfortable to ask your photographer as many questions as you want.

10) Absolutely do a pre-wedding venue walk though - it was put your mind at ease and is a good way to make sure you are on the same page as your photographer.