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Wedding Advice: What's in the full day wedding package? by Camera & Kit

Just thought I spend some time this rather wet and windy Thursday in West Cowes on the Isle of Wight  explaining what is included in the Camera and Kit full day wedding package. Each package is broken down on the wedding package page but I thought I would go though and explain in depth what it is you are investing in.

Un-limited Hours Coverage on the day:

So, what does this mean?   Well, it essentially means that I do not work to a pre defined schedule to shoot your wedding.  There is no 8 hour or 10 hour schedule to work to as everyone's wedding is different. Especially so for multi day weddings and weddings abroad.  I am libertarian at heart so like to operate outside of a set of pre defined rules. It helps the creative process to not be constrained by a set of pre defined rules.  We sit down together, have a coffee, cocktail or champagne (most likely all three)  and we work out a schedule for your day, I start as soon as you start getting ready and end when the party stops.  

Photographs ready within 2 weeks:

Yes.  You did read that correctly.  Your photographs will be available for viewing and collection within 2 weeks of the date of your splendid nuptials. I dedicate time after your wedding to make your photos a priority for me.  The photos will be shared via an online gallery to share with friends and family plus an exquisitely presented English Linen Box (you can pick the fabric and lace)

Two photographers - of which one will always be me:

There is always be two photographers at your wedding, and one of whom will always be me.  I may on occasion bring an assistant and I often work with photography students from LSBU but will always seek permission first before I bring additional staff with me.

Travel Costs:

I do not charge extra for travel costs, including for international weddings, we take care of all our own travel and accommodation arrangements and expenses so you don't have to worry about our travel arrangements.  I thought long and hard about this and it would really annoy me if I had to fork out extra costs on top of the wedding package fee just to get my photographer to the venue.

An Engagement shoot:

An engagement shoot is a brilliant opportunity for you to document the start of your photographic wedding journey.  A creative heirloom for future generations. Tangible memory prompts that you can feel and touch. A physical manifestation of your wedding emotions that you can lovingly store in a beautiful handcrafted box or album.   The first photographic opportunity you have to create nostalgia and wedding memories. Not only does it give you the chance to practice in front of the camera (but to be brutally honest, with the way I shoot, this is irrelevant)  an engagement shoots gives you the chance to create stunning save the date cards and beautiful wedding invitations.

Images individually edited in my signature style.

All wedding photographers shoot and edit photographs in their own personal creative way, and I am not different.  I spend time editing your photographs in colour and black and white.  They style of the edit is dependent on what I think is best for your wedding for instance, a winter wedding would not be edited in the same creative finish as a beach wedding.  I do all the basic corrections and then set about giving your photographs a unique feel and finish.

Venue Walk Through:

Regardless if you are having a wedding abroad or anywhere in the UK, a wedding venue walk though is a must.  It's a great chance to brainstorm ideas and get a feel for the way your wedding day will flow on the day.   If your wedding is abroad, we typically fly out a couple days before your wedding so we can do this either just before your wedding or at a time that suits you.

Onsite printing:

Yes!  I absolutely love this, we offer the chance for your wedding guests to leave the wedding with a printed photo from the day!  and I can honestly tell you that they reaction from guests is priceless!

Your own online gallery and print ready downloads for you, your friends, loved ones and family:

I use a stylish gallery that you can share with loved ones, they can down load images that have been optimised for any social media platform and of course, order prints and many more photographic items.

Unlimited personal print license:

I always retain the copyright over my work but I do grant you a royalty free licence that gives you permission to print and share the images for non commercial purposes.

Fine art thank you cards featuring your favourite wedding photo.

After the wedding and when you have come back from your honeymoon, we sit down together and pick out your favourite wedding photo, you tell me how many cards you need and we set out to design a thank you card, I print in house and then ship them out to you.  To easy!

A comprehensive planning process. Pre and post wedding catch ups.

Yes.  This is not just about me emailing you a wedding booking form and you sending it back when you finally get the chance. No, I offer a highly individual and personalised service.  We sit down together and go through a questionnaire that helps me to get the best understanding of your wedding day. We then catch up after your wedding to talk cards and albums. 

A handmade photo-book/album + a photobox + 2 parent albums plus more!

This is where I really differ from other wedding photographers, I only use handcrafted albums and photobooks and do this in house or referred to a fellow artesian that specialises in creating fine art photographic wedding albums and photobooks.  During our post wedding catch up, we will explore together the options I have available to you.  You will receive a photobook or albums, two parents albums plus a gorgeous photo box.   You get to choose the fabrics and finishing and at all times will have input to the layout.  I have been trained to the post graduate university level in book binding and design and this has had an amazing influence on the photographic products I will give you.  

400 - 500 edited high resolution and web ready images on a USB

The number of individual photographs you get really depends on a number of factors but typically its about 400 - 500 photographs.  I present them to you as high resolution digital images and low resolution ones that are ready for you to post onto social media.