Why I charge what I do? by Camera & Kit

This is one question that I get asked the most as a wedding photographer. Well, that and what do I do for the other six days of the week?

I don't blame people. Us photographers, we are a lucky bunch. Really very lucky! We get paid to travel the world and take pretty pictures. On the surface , it appears that's all that we do and it appears that we are paid a fortune to do so.

So, why do I charge what I do?

At the start of my career, I would have responded to that question with a feisty passionate delicate artist response offended that I am not taken seriously as a creative service provider but I understand the lack of understanding. As a photographer, its part of my job to make sure you understand what you are paying for.

It's so much more than being excellent at what I do because I am. I am very good at what I do. It's more than having an undeniable photographic eye and the personality that allows me to blend in seamlessly with your wedding.

It's so much more than just packing up my camera and kit, showing up at your wedding and taking a few pictures and enjoying the party.

If I can explain it simply, it would be like this. For every one hour of shooting time about 5 hours of my time is invested in your wedding.

From the pre-wedding planning to the post wedding editing and album crafting. In order for you to love your wedding photographs, and I want you to love your photographs then I must invest time in your wedding and with you.

It's about the equipment, my extensive experience as a photographer. It takes years to have over 300 weddings under your photographic belt. The knowledge gained through shooting that many weddings and having an MA in digital photography.

It's about me valuing my time and worth, as well as yours and your wedding. It's about having the right insurance, software, calmness, creativity, camera, and kit .

At the risk of sounding like a shampoo add, because I am worth it. With experience comes calmness, understanding, and professionalism. The confidence and freedom to be unique and knowing your wedding better than you do.

It's about the many hours spent understanding bookbinding and design as well as sourcing fine art artisans to collaborate with to give you a truly bespoke wedding photographic experience.

Wedding photography is not just about shooting, not the way I do it. It's understanding photographic theory that informs the practice of wedding photography the shooting principles, and developing a unique style to stand out from the wedding crowd.

I love wedding photography, I really do. I understand my craft and I understand my worth and I hope you now understand why I charge what I do.