A belated hello of sorts ... by Camera & Kit

This was to be my first post but circumstances shot me off in another direction entirely last month with an unexpected bump and then an unexpected lost baby bump.  Regrettably it was not the time to be rambling on about my love of wedding and baby photography.  So, what was my first post has now become my second one.   I knew I'd get here eventually.  Its been a wee bit of an emotional ride over the last 3 months or so but I finally feel like I am back to me.

Photography has helped me through it in more ways than I could imagine. I do admit though, to crying more than once at baby photos but I am adamant that framing Mabel's scan image is helping me to heal.  I blame the pregnancy hormones for the random acts of crying  as I am now back to wooing at baby photos and mumbling too cute!

This post is going to be a rambling of sorts. I am sure its going to lack coherent structure. I apologise for my appalling spelling and grammar. I also apologise for the lack of a photo in this post.   I just want it to be a starting point really of what I hope this blog to be.

So, here are my thoughts on what I will be (err what I hope to be) blogging about:

  1. I will be show casing weddings and shoots that I have done but the blog will be more than just showing you my imagery.  I really want to give you an understanding on how my mind works when it comes to photography.
  2. There is more than one F word in photography so what does it means to be a feminist wedding photographer, and I talk in the context of understanding why wedding photographers shoot the way we do.
  3. I really, really, really want to talk about photographic theory form selfies to gender identity to seeing the world through photographs not as it really is.
  4. How having a Masters Degree in photography has changed my wedding photography for the better.  Its given a greater insight into my craft and I am loving every minute of it and why I will do a PhD in photography.
  5. Why I am a big believer in the photo-book and crafted my own for my clients and saying no to the mass produced ones.  Wedding story books as so much more than layouts and page numbers.
  6. Why I love the craft of the photo-book and book binding and design. l am all about self publishing really.
  7. Why printing is more important than ever in this digital dark age we find ourselves in.
  8. Shooting multi day weddings and what that means to me
  9. and other random photography topics that pop into my head

Really happy to get back to this.