paris engagement photography

Say hello to Gareth & Wendy (fur baby Saffron) by Camera & Kit

Gareth and Wendy have been happy lovebirds for the last two and half years and are in the infancy of planning their wedding.   They once spent a few days in the city of love and lights in the middle of winter, and while Paris is a good idea at any time of year, they entered the competition for the chance to be photographed when it was not so cold and the sun shining.  You can see from the photo below that Paris was a bit cold!


I am going to take Wendy and Gareth on a slightly offbeat bohemian photographic walking adventure around the les rues de Paris from l’hotel l’Amour (the Love Hotel oh laaa laaaaah!)  on la Rue de Navarin in the 9th arrondissement de Paris to Saint-Germain-des-Prés and everywhere in between.

Gareth proposed to Wendy on 17th January 2017 at the lake at Rutland Water across from Normanton Church where they are to have their wedding ceremony church. Regardless of only having been engaged for three months or so they are both finding the wedding planning process relative easy The thing is, we both had similar ideas and wanted the same church, so it all fell into place pretty quickly. We also chose a date that fitted with loved ones who now live in New Zealand and Asia to ensure they could come.   I have met these two, and I can honestly say I am not surprised as they compliment each other wonderfully. I get the feeling in each other the have found someone that not completes them but understands, accepts and loves them completely.


So, the wedding details so far;

The Venue

Ceremony, Normanton Church on Rutland Water. Reception, Barnsdale Hall on the bank of Rutland Water.

The Style

We are going for a very elegant, beautiful style wedding.

The Colours

Colours are soft whites, gold, navy suits with a light blue or steel on the bridesmaids. With a nod to 1920's art deco elegance, but certainly not themed. We want to let the beauty of our church and venue with their surrounding landscapes speak for themselves and capture their beauty. 

The date

22nd July 2018

Why did you enter the engagement competition?

It seemed like an incredible prize, and we regret not getting beautiful pictures of us in Paris when we went in 2016. 

What are you looking forward to about spending two days on us in Paris?

It's going to be an amazing experience; we will get to do something we never dreamt of and see Paris in a whole new light. It will give us memories to cherish for the rest of our lives

So, we kind of hit you with a major surprise on Valentine's day, how did that make you feel?

It certainly came as a shock. Just days before we had agreed not to do anything for Valentines Day as we are saving for the wedding and a lot of deposits are due at the moment. We also agreed to potentially not having a holiday this year to save. So when we got the tweet/ call it blew us away and completely made our day. It was amazing news! 

Any tips for couples planning a wedding that you want to share?

Start planning early. Budgets can easily go a little crazy so get in early, and it gives you time to plan. Also, with so many others doing this, it does mean that venues, cars, etc. can easily get booked up months/ years in advance. We were limited on dates that both our venues were available. Also, sometimes it's worth spending that little bit more on a supplier (whether it's cake, photography, car, whatever) if you have a connection with them. There's nothing worse than spending less but not connecting with your supplier. We loved the gentleman who supplied our wedding car, so we were happy to pay that little bit more for him, he was so passionate, and we know he will go above and beyond on the day itself.