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What can we expect with you as our wedding photographer by Camera & Kit

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What can we expect with you as our wedding photographer?

The easiest way to let you know what to expect from having me as your wedding photographer is to give you an understanding of the way I see my wedding photography style.

Photographic styles have swung back and forth over the years from photo-journalistic wedding photography to highly posed traditional wedding photography to very romantic to incorrectly labelled candid wedding photography. I have no interest in being part of an industry that celebrates conformity or puts labels on my work so I created my own style.

Photographic labels do not bode well with me. With labels come expectation and rules to follow. With rules, comes conformity and everyone's wedding photographs looking the same. My photographic work is illustrative and unscripted. My approach to shooting is relaxed, laid back and dedicated. I am there to be a silent witness not to stage manage your day.

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I do not take myself too seriously however I do take my craft, your wedding and artistic practices very seriously. I am attentive, passionate, visionary and a highly skilled photographic artesian . I know photography and I know weddings. I have an innate ability to create striking wedding photography. I have an avant-grade photographic voice.

I adore the creative challenge of weddings and I thrive under pressure. I adore that moment when I show you what we created from your wedding, I aspire to create! I am a true wedding photographic artist.


My talent lies in not creating visual cliches that have come to define wedding imagery, the days of dreamy contemplative wedding photography are over. I am part of a new wave of wedding visionary wedding photographer that treats every wedding as unique to the one before. Lists are for those who lack creative vision. I want you to choose a photographer you trust and nothing smacks of not trusting your photographer more than a photographer that works from a list that starts with "Bride looking over shoulder." I want to capture things that are important to you, give you a new way of seeing your wedding but long lists can stifle creativity and means that I am likely to miss a moment unfolding because I am busy combing through a checklist.

You may not know what you want out of your wedding photography styles or wedding photography packages or indeed wedding photography photo boxes and wedding albums, but you will know it when you see it. I hope when you see my professional wedding photographer, the wedding packages and wedding prices I offer, you will know its what you want.